fullOM™ Shop - David Roskilly
fullOM™ Shop - David Roskilly
fullOM™ Shop - David Roskilly
fullOM™ Shop - David Roskilly
fullOM™ Shop - David Roskilly

fullOM™ is the work of artist and designer David Roskilly.

After many years living and working in London, I'm now based in  Cornwall, South West of Somewhere.

I arrived in London in 1976 as punk hit, went to college @ saint martins in the eighties and started reactor interactive in the nineties (web + multimedia design studio in shoreditch).

In the 2000s I cofounded creator design based in hackney wick, then haggerston.

I've worked alone ever since. I work mostly in collage, analog and digital. I’ve always loved it.

I’m very interested in…

the intertextuality on every surface of the modern urban environment.

the patterns in the urban anarchy (the occurrence of the abstract against this backdrop).

how these patterns can be recontextualised to transform our living and working spaces.

the mysterious analogue patterns and signals of nature.

I think…

intuition in any work is hugely important.


A few years ago I was talking to a friend online and asked him how things were going. Meaning to type "things are full on", he wrote "things are full om".

So I thought, brilliant... I'll have that.

David and Tony have known each other for a long time and worked on some projects together in the late 90s. Tony is a former Contributing Editor to i-D Magazine and current contributor to 10 and 10 Men magazines.

I felt it was time for me to see a visual representation of all my influences over the years. In the end it took months but was a very interesting and fun project.

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